An effective way to raise your website’s ranking on search engine result pages is to create content that is SEO-friendly. The goal of SEO-friendly content is to improve your ranking and increase traffic. However, as you go, you’re developing information hubs that, by offering genuine value to your readers, help them trust you. When you write blog posts, product descriptions, or landing pages using SEO best practices, the user experience is enhanced, and your pages will rank higher. 

Keep things relevant to the topic of the discussion, as this is the best writing strategy. If your readers enjoy reading your content, they will return to your website frequently. The audience should therefore be presented with your content in an SEO-friendly way. In this article, we will discuss the five best SEO-friendly content writing tips that you can use in 2023 to rank your website.


What is SEO-Friendly writing?

The process of optimizing your online content with the aid of keywords and search terms people use to find information online is known as SEO writing. In other words, SEO writing is writing that is attractively arranged through keywords or key thinking in order to keep your writing at the top of the search results and engage more audiences.


What is the importance of SEO writing?

SEO writing combines on-page SEO knowledge with copywriting expertise to produce pages that kindly update Google and users alike. According to a survey, 75% of website visitors are generated by organic traffic. SEO writing is a powerful tool for spreading brand awareness organically. It can help a website appear on the first page of Google, which makes it more visible to its potential customers or visitors.

More people will visit a website the higher it appears in Google or Bing search results. More traffic translates into more sales or simply more readers or fans. Websites with better SEO alignment appear at the top of search results on search engines. Users are much more likely to purchase the item from the top-ranked results because they trust the search engine’s algorithm and rankings.


5 Best SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tips

We have talked before about SEO writing and the importance of SEO-friendly content writing.

Now we’ll talk about the best content writing tips that may help you rank better in search results in 2023. Let’s start!


Make a structure for the content:

The content should first be structured for both users and Google’s crawler. A good way to determine which structure to use is to search for your target query in Google and see which formats are ranking. You can easily create a structure for your content using this process. The audience feels comfortable reading articles based on format or structure.

In general, headings like H1, H2, and H3 are used in your post structure to make it clear what you’re writing about. Furthermore, adding relevant keywords will assist Google in displaying content in response to pertinent user search queries. It will improve user engagement and readability. Additionally, because the search engine would consider your content to be more credible, it would be displayed among the top results.


Make your content unique:

SEO writing is all about creating unique and plagiarism free content. If your article is unique and informative, then Google will definitely rank it at the top of search results. But writing unique content every time on the same topic and niche is not an easy job. Because dozens of articles are publishing on Google on the same topic. 

If you are struggling to write unique content, then the solution is a paraphrasing tool. A paraphrase essentially rewrites the original text in its own style. A paraphraser will always use original language and wording that they develop independently from the source.


Use the keyword properly:

Keywords are the most crucial component of a successful content organization strategy. Therefore, you need to research some keywords associated with the subject of your article. Discovering the most popular search terms used by your audience will help you enrich your content.


Choosing the right keyword is crucial to creating a successful blog post. For conducting proper keyword research, there are many tools available, including Ubbersuggest, Ahrefs, Semrush, and Keyword Planner. You can get a general idea of a keyword’s viability using these tools, which estimate the search volume and keyword difficulty.


Internal and external linking:

Another effective way to raise your SERP analysis score is to incorporate links into your text. Internal linking is a popular strategy for gaining visibility from search engines. There should be a connection to a specific term in the sentence’s natural intent. Crawlers from search engines follow internal links, which improves the crawling and indexing of more site pages. 

External links give search engine spiders the impression that you have thoroughly researched the topic. However, make sure the link is relevant to the theme or area of your website. Don’t give users a link that leads them to fraudulent or unrelated websites.


Use Optimized Images

Reading the same content continuously will dissatisfy the users. So you should also add some images to your content to engage the users. Adding images will increase interest among users. But make sure the images are relevant and informative. You can also add infographics to give more detail on your topic. 

As we are also writing for Google, you should optimize the images with the Alt tag before publishing. Optimized images are also part of the Google ranking algorithm. So you can never ignore it.



Content is crucial for helping your website rank higher in the SERPs. Your website’s traffic and the number of impressions it receives can increase by using the strategies and tips for SEO blog writing listed above. If you carefully adhere to these suggestions, you can write your content in a manner that is SEO-friendly. I’m confident that your content, pages, and websites will become more popular in search engines if you take these best practises into consideration.

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